We listen, we discuss, we advise and develop. We love to learn and use the latest technologies.

JAM is a professional, cost effective and a service oriented organization, offering strategic back end services. It made a modest beginning in the year 2009 with a dedicated emphasis on the BPO sector. However, its modern infrastructure, talented team and enviable expertise soon turned it into a company of choice for companies of all sizes. It today offers a comprehensive range of services across varied segments, industries and sectors and has hence translated into a one stop shop for outsourcing needs of start-ups, and as well as organizations of the likes of HDFC Bank & Mahindra Group.

We will partner and help you on your way to success!!!


Words from our Heart

We have always endeavour on establishing a partnership driven relationship with clients. We genuinely want to help our clients create successful business strategies and decisions that will help in the long-term while getting through the obstacles of the present.

We invariably synergise and draw on our market research expertise and knowledge for the betterment of client’s businesses. Seeking feedback from the customer in every interactions, makes the customer feel engaged and welcomed. This invariably leads to more sales through repeat purchases and references.

We know, that JAM is one solution amongst many others, and hence have always strived to be ‘best among equals’. Our belief has always been in making a beautiful and trusted long-term relationships rather than quick profits.


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is the core belief that helps us keep going and be what we are.

Each day we get introduced to new requirements / adversities that our client faces. These are our challenges. We take extreme pleasure in helping out our clients. This philosophy of ours is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

We partner with clients right from defining the problem, understanding the customer / market and arriving at a solution. We believe that having the right mindset can lead us to solve problems of any sizes.

It is this approach of ours which has given us a shared mindset with clients. We have been engaged into discussion right from the time a problem / opportunity is identified at clients end. And then our service mindset helps us to develop a solution for that specific client need which invariably enriches our experience and product portfolio.


Our Commitment to you

Meeting & possibly surpassing our clients expectations is our only credo. As per our founders thought, we also practise being humble in making commitments. And hence, honouring the same without exception is the only way out for us.

We will be candid of our competencies and capabilities and will agree on deliverables basis that. We shall also endeavour to stretch ourselves and achieve more. However, the communication in such cases to our clients will only be ‘basis best efforts’. Our clients indeed appreciate this practise and also help us in our efforts. This invariably strengthens our partnership and the resolve on the relationship with our clients.

In fact, most of JAM’s revenue is through business sourced through references, and this is testimony of the fact that ‘our commitment to you is unwavering’.

Our Approach

At JAM, we have been focusing on our clients to deliver effective results. We take care of your business requirements to help you to get desired results. First, we look at your focal point of your business to understand your requirements, which you want us to take care of. And then, we create tailor-made solutions specially customized for your need.

We are not Leaders …we are still growing

Many companies call themselves as leaders in their field. While at JAM, we believe in transparency and focused outlook to achieve our goals. We are proud to say that, we are not leaders in this industry. However, we are catching up to learn and grow persistently to become big in our field. Our efficient team specializes in their suitable role and it gives us pride and confidence to do our work like leaders.

Our Success Edge

Our success stories have been built upon an unwavering dedication towards our work while maximizing the profit for you and minimizing the cost. Our research and skills are capable to interpret requirements of our clients. It is very important for us while working for you to get success in your business from our valuable efforts. You will definitely experience excellent service with incomparable quality with a skill to match deadlines on time.