Why JAM?


In recent years, many large companies/sme’s are engaging partners who can provide them with integrated backend support. This shift enables them to achieve the following:


✔ Enhanced focus on their core business.

✔ Faster time to market.

✔ Provide value to the business through optimization and drawing on synergies.

✔ Leverage of scale and right-skilling opportunities.

JAM has the required resources, skills, infrastructure, experience, and most importantly, the processes and methodologies in place that will be implemented to meet and exceed the client’s business goals and expectations.


This section will give a preview on JAM’s DNA and substantiate on JAM’s above stated capabilities..


In House CRM: JAM’s CRM has evolved over the years and now add value to clients need in following areas:-


✔ Pre-sales customer life cycle management. Do refer to the entire presentation on CRM in the Vertical section.

✔ Post-sales customer on boarding and interval based feedback. JAM’s CRM can enable tracking the customer post sales experience by seeking feedback at regular intervals (3 days/30 days/90 days/180 days/360 days etc)

✔ Loyalty Module. JAM’s application is well evolved to manage a point based loyalty program. Organizations which intend to give loyalty points to their customers / dealers / DMAs etc. on various activities can now do so using JAM’s operations and technology solution. JAM shall also ensure that organizations are able to reciprocate favorable customer activities via sending gifts to customer addresses.


Right skilled workforce: JAM’s workforce comprises of the following roles:-


✔ Tele-Associates. The frontline soldier of JAM’s workforce is well aligned to deliver on any outreach program.

✔ Tele-Supervisors. Tenured associates / lateral hires are tasked with managing team, in addition to their contribution on JAM’s core tasks. (In lateral hire cases as well, JAM clearly spells out that the primary role is to contribute in calling programs).

✔ Analytics Consultant. JAM engages Analytics Consultant, who assists in churning out insights from various research programs being conducted.

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