Hiring Edge: JAM has the following advantages in this critical context.


Location Advantage. JAM’s office location offers the following advantages:-

✔ Proximity to Railway Station. JAM is located at a 5 min. walk from Malad Station. This is always a big convenience factor in Mumbai for people who take trains to work.

✔ Proximity to Mindspace, Malad (W). This gives JAM an access and to be a part of the BPO eco-system in this region..

✔ Proximity to Orlem Community, Malad (W). This is where JAM banks upon for its South Indian Language Requirement. JAM has also developed relationship with few community service oriented people and churches/chapel and thereby meeting its hiring objectives and also contributing to the social cause.

✔ Leverage of scale and right-skilling opportunities.

Associate Referral Program. JAM has an ongoing referral associate program since last several years. This has invariably bought in people with the right frame of mind into the system.


Relationships with colleges. JAM has developed mutually beneficial relationships with SNDT Women’s college, Malad (W). This source has also been very effective in meeting sudden / short term program needs.


Job Portals. JAM has secured licenses for access to leading job boards and the same has been a critical lever to meet JAM’s hiring needs.


Training: This is the epi-center of JAM’s quality initiatives, with senior management directly participating on the same.


✔ New Program Implementation always has an induction program either with clients or top senior management. Following which Process Notes, FAQs are prepared and client sign-offs obtained.

✔ New Learnings. Any new scenario encountered by JAM’s operations team is noted in the form of learning and the FAQ document is updated with the same. The entire team is educated on the same in daily meetings and sign-offs taken.


Senior Management Direct Involvement: This is the single most contributors in JAM’s competitive advantage. JAM’s flat hierarchical structure enables easy access of senior management by ‘Tele-Associates’ and vice versa. The direct involvement of senior management at operations level gives the much required impetus to any outreach program. Moreover, clients gain confidence as they get instant / quick responses to their requirements.


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