Data Security: Client data security is of utmost priority for JAM and therefore appropriate measures have been put in place to ensure compliance to the requirements of ‘data security’ and thereby ensuring that no unauthorized use of the data happens (whether intended or not intended).


✔ Controlled Access to Shop Floor. Also, Associates are not allowed to carry mobile phones, pen drives, CD, floppy and any other storage devices on to the shop floor. (Deviations need to be signed off by senior management, if any).

✔ Client - Server Infrastructure. No client data is allowed to be stored on desktops. Every Associate works on data available on the server.

✔ Associate Desktops. All drives are removed / disabled from Associates machines.

✔ Printer Access. The same in entitlement based. As of now, no Associate level has been given access to printer.

✔ Internet Access. No Associates are provided internet access in general. (Only for business purpose, internet access is enabled on specific associate machine, and is withdrawn as soon as the purpose is met. This control is only with the administrator/operations manager)

✔ Password Policy. JAM has a strict policy around ‘password ownership and protection’. Under no circumstances, an associate can share his/her password with their colleagues.

✔ Associates are sensitized of the importance and criticality of ‘data security’ & ‘data purging’ as an on-going process. A formal test is also conducted once in a quarter, covering various areas on ‘Information Security’.

Internal Sweep. As it has been widely understood, that no program on ‘data security’ can be complete without checks (as there are limitations around evidencing most of the above measures), hence JAM adheres to a rigorous checkpoint based approach. JAM conducts internal sweep two times in a month. One sweep would be announced and would be generally conducted in the first week of a month. The other sweep would be unannounced. The objective of the sweep would be to ensure the following:-


No unauthorized data (as per the record retention grid) is lying with agents.


To report any non-compliance to JAM’s management..


Non-compliance is also made aware of specific Associates and appropriate feedback given.


Quality: JAM’s philosophy has a very strong believe in Philip B. Crosby’s saying – “Quality is Free”. It is this belief that drives the following policies of JAM:-


✔ No Targets. JAM does not provide any leads based targets to its associates. And thereby delinking their motivation to over-perform by undermining quality. This has also aided in creating goodwill for JAM among its target resource base and has given it a distinctive hiring edge as well.

✔ Reward sharing with associates. JAM firmly believes in acknowledging and celebrating small WIN cases, and thereby providing a boost to its Quality endeavours.

✔ Technical environment. JAM’s infrastructure supports 100% call recordings and thereby facilitating training and feedback on specific agent/cases.

✔ Span of Control. 1:5. Moreover, a supervisor is physically close to his/her team. This ensures that team member can take guidance/validate every unique customer case at that very instant and in most cases, while customer being on the line.


High Customer Satisfaction: JAM has a very high Customer satisfaction across all the services offered. More than 80% of JAM’s revenue is accounted from repeat business and among the rest, 15% is from referrals. As regards Mahindra Group is concerned, JAM is already working with 5 companies on a regular basis..


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