CATI Survey

At JAM, we deliver your business potential leads, which you can turn into positive business customers/leads. We make them qualified leads after only receiving one or two positive answers from them. Our clients are more than delighted to maintain a mutual interest with us through our simplicity in our service.

This offering of JAM has been its forte since inception. We conduct CATI (Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews) Surveys with utmost ease and comfort. Below are 2 key constructs of JAM’s DNA that gives them the maximum mindshare in client organizations for their survey needs. Namely:-

  • Multi-lingual support JAM delivers supports in the following languages.
  • Hindi.
  • English.
  • Gujarati.
  • Marathi.
  • Bengali.
  • Telagu.
  • Kannada.
  • Tamil.
  • Malayalam.
  • Call Recording : JAM processes supports 100% call recordings. The same is shared with clients as per agreed frequency.
    Few programs are listed below. We have undertaken the same for large banks like HDFC, KMB etc. NBFCs like Mahindra Finance, Chola etc. and top consulting firms like McKinsey, and even startup organizations.
  • VOC. Seeking satisfaction feedback from customers / channel partners / employees across touch points, benchmarking against competition & arriving at C-SAT index (NPS Framework).
  • Dipstick Study, where quick TAT is key. – On Media / Internet Habits; On preference of freebies.
  • Mystery audit to check on tele-courtesy of employees or knowledge level of RM’s.
  • Profile collection of your customers (Demographics / Current vehicle ownership / Intent to purchase next / When).
  • Customer Contact Details – Validation & Gap Filling.
  • Jingle Testing – Playing Ad Jingle to respondents on phone and testing recall.
  • Transactional surveys – Like interviewing customers who has visited service centres in last 2 days.
  • CRP (Customer Reference Program) – Organization can make bulk payments to JAM, and we can do retail remittances to customers. (and manage compliance around the same).
  • Loyalty Program – Centralized tracking and end to end tracking of the same, up till customer redemption.
  • Engaging customers across the product life cycle – For instance, we reach out farmers across the life cycle of crops and provide them stage based inputs.
  • Charities (We help you to find people, interested in voluntary involvement in aid organizations or donations)