Event Reminder

JAM has a team to handle your crucial events and tasks to remind you regularly. Today, companies have many tasks to accomplish, however it is not possible to do it with ease. Therefore, we help you to become vigilant about your any kind of fixed event, job or call by reminding you before time effortlessly. These services are being used to send reminders for birthdays, anniversaries. It is also being used for many other important events for various business purposes.

JAM CRM has capabilities to reach out to people at the time of their liking and important nuggets of interactions are being archived. This enriches our reminding ability as we invariably use the customer specific situation and starts on the conversation. For instance, if a customer has asked us to call after 10 days as presently his wife is in hospital. Then after 10 days when the call goes, the conversation will start by enquiring about his wife’s health.