Case Study 1 : Lead Management

JAM’s Solution Approach

  • JAM’s Solution integrates ‘operations & technology’ elements effectively.
  • Philosophy is to Leverage Technology AMAP. (In-house function)
  • To have a Disciplined Approach towards Training & Knowledge management for Agents
  • To Enable Technology to Service Relevant Content at the Right Time

A) Instant Customer Connect

Detailed Problem Statement

  • Portals like Indiamart distribute single enquiry to 04 competitors
  • The winner is generally the one who is able to make the first contact with the customer
  • Leads are managed by multiple people and tracked in Isolated Excel files

JAM Solution

  • JAM’s CRM gets directly integrated with portals like Indiamart, Justdial, TradeIndia or organizations websites.
  • JAM’s Dialer System makes an auto outbound call to the customer and connects customer with an available agent.
  • The entire conversation is supported by readily available content that is hosted in the CRM and can be fetched easily on the same screen.
  • Customer related data (like profile, segment, product application, readiness to buy) are all probed and captured in CRM screens.

B) Delay in Activating Field Team

B) Saral –Lead Allocation –Via SMS

  1. Instant transfer of leads to concerned BDMs
  2. All relevant Information like (Name, No., Address, Product and source of enquiry) transferred in a crisp message
  3. Immediate connection of lead with BDMs will lower the chances of “customer not contactable”
  4. Instant Feedback to the call centre on Quality of a lead – Improves call & lead quality

B) Saral -Feedback Collection –Via SMS Link

Link Opens a screen with customer details

Scroll down for BDM Inputs

customer details Select lead status from drop down

Update remarks and select expected month of Purchase

Thank You !

C) Lead Management

Detailed Problem Statement

  • Typical Customer Sales Life Cycle runs into 30 days to 90 days
  • In this entire journey, Customer needs to be serviced and tracked holistically
  • Till the lead becomes WIN Case / Lost Case / Plan Cancelled
  • There are several inherent Challenges in this area.

JAM Solution

  • JAM has endeavored to Tight Loop Communication around all possible scenarios that happens in any Sales Engagement Process
  • The focus is 100% Customer Centric and enables sales function to remain in constant touch with the customer
  • System design also emphasizes on making a BDM Life Simpler.

1) Customer Non-Contactable

  • Auto-SMS is sent to customer along with BDM contact details.
  • 03 Party Conference Calls connect BDM to Customers via JAM.

2) Customer Not Interested

JAM’s Solution Approach

  • Mail sent to JAM Operations team along with customer contact details.
  • JAM operations team connect with BDM / HO and identifies the Right Sales Person.
  • CRM Mapping is Corrected.
  • Re-Submission of Lead.

4) WIP Cases

This scenario is applicable when customer asks for follow-up / call back / or a meeting is scheduled.

JAM’s Solution Approach

  • JAM System will continue to engage BDM till the lead status is being tagged as either WIN Case / Lost Case or Plan Cancelled.
  • For Lost Case, detailed reason is collected and analyzed.

5) Future Purchase Plan

This scenario is applicable when customer states that there purchase plan is postponed and they would be interested after few months.

JAM’s Solution Approach

  • JAM’s CRM prompts the BDM to enter a tentative month
  • On the first of every month, JAM system generates a report for all the leads which are maturing in that month
  • JAM Agent reaches out to customer and makes a fresh conversation
  • Re-submission of valid lead

6) Escalation Feature

JAM’s Solution Approach

  • JAM’s CRM Supports Multiple Levels Escalation Management
  • Easily Configurable to MAP Organization’s Hierarchy
  • Consolidated Daily Emails to HO

7) Customer Audit


  • Irrespective of organization’s effort or due to bandwidth issues, at times..
  • Sales Function misses to engage a prospect.  Hence, JAM conducts this audit and shares insights with HO.

Enquiry Areas Covered

  • Post X days of a lead handed over to BDM, JAM Agent calls the customer
  • Enquiry is around whether : A Sales Person has contacted the customer or not.
  • If yes, what is the status of the customer purchase plan.
  • In case, the customer has bought any competition product then reasons for the same are sought.
  • In case the Sales Person has not contacted and Customer requirement is still valid, then system will send instant auto-email to relevant people.
  • Dashboard of key metrics across product / geography can be prepared and shared with client.